How Do You Start Parkour Training?


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To start learning the sport of parkour, get the right shoes, begin a basic training routine, practice basic jumps and vaults and join a parkour community. Parkour is an athletic endeavor that involves overcoming physical obstacles. It requires consistent repetition, discipline and progression against harder obstacles.

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  1. Choose the right shoes

    Shoes with minimal padding are a better choice for the beginning traceur, or parkour practitioner, than are traditional, heavily padded athletic shoes. Choose lightweight shoes with a flat sole, a good grip and no raised heel.

  2. Perform basic training

    A traceur must be in excellent physical condition. A basic training routine for parkour begins with 10 each of leg lifts, push-ups, pull-ups and squats, with additional weight and repetitions added weekly. Emphasize becoming more explosive with the movements.

  3. Learn and practice jumps and vaults

    The first jumps to learn in parkour are simple jumps over steps on a flight of stairs. Begin by jumping one or two steps, gradually progressing to six steps at a time. Focus on taking off from an explosive, short sprint and landing lightly. The next jumps to learn are two-handed vaults and precision jumps.

  4. Find a parkour community

    Search social media to find a parkour or freerunning community in your own area. Check at local gyms to find other traceurs. Use the community to learn more advanced moves from practiced traceurs.

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