How Do You Start Jogging?


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A beginning runner can start jogging by scheduling 20 to 40 minutes three days per week to walking and jogging. The time and intensity should be increased gradually. Someone new to jogging should consult with a doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

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Running shoes are necessary for jogging. The shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and have a cushioned sole. The runner should visit a store that specializes in running shoes to get the correct shoe for his foot type. Running shoes should be replaced approximately every 500 miles.

Each jog should start with a five- to 10- minute warm up and end with a cool down for the same amount of time, usually in the form of a fast-paced walk. After the warm up, the upper and lower body should be stretched to prepare the muscles. Stretching should be repeated after the cool down.

A sample jogging program is five minutes of walking followed by two minutes of jogging, repeated three times. This workout can be done for one week. In subsequent weeks, the walking time can be decreased and jogging time increased until the entire workout consists of jogging. Jogging consistently while allowing adequate rest time is the most effective way to improve jogging ability.

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