How Do You Start a Fungus Infection Treatment on Your Foot?


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Use over-the-counter antifungal sprays, creams and powders as soon as the itching caused by athlete’s foot begins, advises WebMD. Wash the feet twice a day, dry them well – especially between the toes and go barefoot or wear sandals as often as possible to expose the feet to air.

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How Do You Start a Fungus Infection Treatment on Your Foot?
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Wear cotton socks and change them daily when treating the stubborn fungal foot infection known as athlete’s foot, suggests WebMD. Be gentle when touching the feet, ensuring that flaking skin is not torn, which exposes healthy skin to the infection. Wear shoes made from breathable, porous materials, such as canvas, and apply antifungal powder inside the shoes every day. Rotate pairs of shoes to provide drying time, making sure that a pair is not worn on consecutive days. Avoid shoes made from synthetic or water-resistant materials because they trap moisture inside the shoe.

While athlete’s foot is usually treated successfully with over-the-counter antifungal products, it may take several weeks for the infection to heal, notes WebMD. Unless treatment is continued for up two weeks after the infection has cleared, it can easily reappear. Severe infections may require examination by a doctor. During infections, use hot water to wash towels and socks, do not walk barefoot on public floors, and don’t share shoes with others. Diabetics, individuals with impaired immune systems and those using antibiotics are especially susceptible to fungal infections of the feet.

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