What Are Star Jumps?


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The star jump is a compound plyometric exercise that focuses on increasing explosive power throughout the core of the body. It also helps develop leg strength and cardiovascular endurance.

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The primary muscles worked during the star jump are the quadriceps. Star jumps also strengthen the gluteus maximus, shoulders, calves, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. The exercise is often mistaken for a jumping jack, because similar motion is involved. However, the star jump is different in that it incorporates a squat at the bottom of each repetition.

To perform a star jump, begin in a relaxed stance with the feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the arms close to the body. Squat down halfway and jump high into the air in one explosive movement. Obtain full body extension by spreading the legs and arms away from the core. The feet should be just past hip-width apart. The arms should rise just past the shoulders, so that the silhouette of the body resembles the shape of a star. Keep the back straight with the head up and facing directly ahead. Upon landing, bring the limbs back in and absorb the impact through the legs by bending at the knees. End in the position in which you started.

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