How Do You Do a Standing Hamstring Stretch?


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A standing hamstring stretch can be done anywhere at any time. The hamstring is located in the back of each thigh, and it can tighten occasionally causing improper spinal positioning, limited movement in the pelvis and pain. Doing a standing hamstring stretch elongates the hamstring and helps it to relax. This stretching exercise can be completed in less than two minutes.

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  1. Extend the leg to be stretched

    Support yourself by holding onto a chair or wall and extend your leg in front of you. Placing your foot on a step or curb helps increase the stretch with less effort.

  2. Keep your hips in position

    Keep your hips facing forward and make sure your standing knee is bent slightly.

  3. Bend your standing knee

    Slowing bend your standing knee further until you feel a stretching sensation in the back of the thigh of your extended leg. Do not bend your knee any further than is comfortable for your extended leg.

  4. Extend the stretch further

    Extend the stretch a little further by bending forward at the hips. Keep your back straight as you do so.

  5. Finish and repeat

    Hold the stretch for as long as possible. Breathe normally as you do and do not bounce. The stretch should not be painful. Bring your extended leg back to a standing position and repeat with the other leg, if necessary.

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