What Is Standard Treatment for Facial Spider Veins?


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The standard treatment for facial spider veins is laser treatment or intense pulsed light treatment, explains SmartSkinCare.com. Other varicose vein treatments include schlerotherapy or topical agents, but these treatments are often not as effective and could harm the delicate facial skin.

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Laser treatment for facial spider veins is effective due to the pigment hemoglobin present in the blood reports SmartSkinCare.com. Hemoglobin specifically absorbs light wavelengths at 500 to 600 nanometers. During the laser treatment, the hemoglobin absorbs more light than the surrounding skin and thus heats up. This causes the spider veins to close and eventually dissolve. Over time, the varicose veins may appear less pronounced or even disappear completely. Laser treatment may not be effective in all cases, but it is most beneficial in treating the relatively small areas of facial varicose veins.

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