How Do You Stand up Straight?


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Stand up straight by keeping the knees bent, stomach lengthened, shoulders straight and head level. Maintaining proper posture means checking the body's position to ensure good alignment between bones, areas of the body and the ground.

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To stand up straight, start by balancing the body's weight on the balls of the feet. Situate the feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Toes should be pointed straight and not outward. Keep the knees slightly bent and turned forward, making sure they do not touch. The kneecaps should point the same way as the toes.

The stomach should be tucked in, and the lower back should not curve significantly. Proper posture allows the arms to hang naturally at the sides when the shoulders are pulled back. Shoulders should be level with each other. If the shoulder blades stand out too much, the back becomes hunched over.

The ear should be at or behind the midpoint of the shoulder. Be careful not to carry the head too far forward or the shoulders may follow, which compromises the posture from the top down. The head should be level and not tilted to one side. The chin should be up and not tucked into the neck, so keep the eyes pointing straight ahead.

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