What Are the Stages of Multiple Sclerosis?


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The stages of multiple sclerosis are possible MS, relapsing-remitting MS, primary-progressive MS, secondary-progressive MS and progressive-relapsing MS, explains Healthline. There is also pediatric MS, which affects children. The course that this disease takes differs from one patient to another, notes WebMD.

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What Are the Stages of Multiple Sclerosis?
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In the possible MS stage, the patient has various symptoms of MS, such as vision problems and walking problems, according to Healthline. However, multiple sclerosis can be difficult to diagnose, and doctors wait to see how the disease progresses. In the initial stage, the patient experiences relapsing-remitting MS, which involves flare-ups followed by a recovery period, says the Multiple Sclerosis Society. In the primary-progressive stage, the disease progresses steadily without any remissions, explains WebMD. It gets more acute in the secondary-progressive stage. The progressive-relapsing stage is the most advanced, and the symptoms get steadily worse.

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