How does the Staar toric lens compare to Alcon's AcrySof toric lens?


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A Staar toric lens compares to Alcon's AcrySof toric lens in that the former is made of silicone while the latter is made of acrylic. Both are made from single pieces of material and the only two types of lenses that are currently approved for use in the Untied States.

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The Staar toric lens is an older lens and the original toric lens. It has a plate-haptic design while the AcrySof has a loop-haptic design. Of the two, the AcrySof toric lens is favored for multiple reasons, such as its acrylic construction, loop haptics and blue-blocking yellow tint. The blue-blocking yellow tint and loop haptics help to treat astigmatism, a condition where images appear somewhat distorted because the eye doesn't curve properly. Another reason that the AcrySof toric IOL lens is favored is because it is more predictable during surgery, offers greater visual precision and is more stable in the eye.

The Staar toric and Alcon's Acrysof toric IOL lenses are used for cataract surgery with a patient who has an astigmatism. The lenses implanted in the eye help to improve sight and reduce the need for glasses. However, only a patient with regular, not irregular, astigmatism can benefit from this surgery.

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