How Do St. Jude's Neurostimulation Techniques Work?


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St. Jude's neurostimulation techniques work by implanting a device in the body that intercepts pain signals before they reach the brain and replaces pain with a different feeling, explains St. Jude Medical. It is a proven therapy that doctors recommend to manage pain.

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Benefits of neurostimulation include a reduction in pain, decreased dependence on pain medication, improved quality of life and an increase in exercise and daily activities, according to St. Jude Medical. Neurostimulation works by intercepting pain signals as they travel up the spinal cord towards the brain. A generator sends pulses to a lead wire, which delivers the pulses to spinal cord nerves. These pulses then block the pain signals, and the feeling is replaced with a less painful feeling, which some people have described as a massaging sensation, states St. Jude Medical.

Many people report a significant improvement in their standard of living after receiving neurostimulation, according to HealthCentral. However, it is not a cure for any specific disease or the cause of the pain, specifies St. Jude Medical. Candidates for neurostimulation include those who have suffered from chronic pain in the back or neck, pain characterized by burning or numbness, and those who have tried other treatments with no relief.

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