How Do You Squat Correctly?


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To squat correctly, stand with your legs about 3 feet apart. Slide your hips back first, then bend your knees until both knees line up with the tips of your toes.

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  1. Position your body correctly to perform squats

    Stand up straight, and lean back slightly on your heels. Lift your arms, and hold both out straight with your palms facing down to help maintain balance. Look forward, and focus your eyes on a fixed object instead of looking down at your toes or your knees. Roll your shoulders back, and hold your chest up to keep your spinal cord straight.

  2. Perform the first squat

    Slowly slide back on your hips until your back is almost parallel with your buttocks. Start to bend your knees. Try to keep most of your weight on your hips and heels to prevent injury to your knees. Bend your knees until they are both parallel with the tips of your toes or until you can no longer bend comfortably.

  3. Return to a standing position

    Return to a standing position by slowly bending at your knees and then your hips. Go back to a starting position, and repeat until you complete one set of 10 squats.

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