Does the Squat Challenge Work?


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The squat challenge is unrealistic and potentially dangerous since completing 250 squats probably will cause an injury, explains personal trainer Kathleen Trotter for The Huffington Post. A regular exercise routine in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet work to lose fat, build muscle and change the shape of the body. The most important element is consistency, not exercise choice.

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Personal trainers know that all bodies are different and genetics plays an active role in a person's body composition. To get in shape and stay healthy, exercise challenges are an effective motivating tool, but they are not beneficial when used alone. The squat challenge is intended to build lean muscle in the hamstrings and glutes. Squats tone the legs and lift the butt, while also increasing flexibility and strengthening the core.

Squats must be performed correctly or the benefits are lost. In the squat challenge, the participant must do 250 squats per day. Personal trainers agree that it is almost impossible to do that many squats in the correct form. The best way to improve health and build muscle is to commit to an active lifestyle that includes regular strength training and aerobic activity. To lose weight, a change in diet is usually necessary.

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