How Do You Sprint Faster?

How Do You Sprint Faster?

To sprint faster, learn proper sprinting form, practice sprinting and allow adequate recovery time between training sessions. Improvements can be seen immediately by improving sprinting form.

  1. Learn proper sprint form

    Keep your torso upright with a slight lean forward. Land on the balls of your feet and push forward with your toes. Drive your knees up and down with each stride, and bring your heels up toward your backside. Relax your shoulders, and drive your elbows backward as you sprint. Make your steps as short and fast as possible. Inhale and exhale in rhythm with your steps.

  2. Train by sprinting

    Warm up before each workout by walking and jogging for five to 10 minutes. Run the first sprint at approximately 60 percent of your maximum intensity, then run the second sprint at approximately 80 percent. Run the remaining sprints at 100 percent intensity. You can do between four and eight total sprints depending on your fitness level. Rest for two minutes after the first two sprints, and two to four minutes between the sprints done at 100 percent intensity. Follow this routine three days per week.

  3. Get plenty of rest

    Rest one to two days after each sprinting workout. You can do light workouts on your off days.