How Do You Spot a Sociopath?


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M.E. Thomas from Psychology Today says that a sociopath has many characteristics; the key to spotting a true sociopath is understanding a combination of traits that differentiate a sociopath from another person with an antisocial disorder. Sociopaths may possess superficial charm and high intelligence. Moreover, a sociopath tends to lack direction in life because of his inability to process social norms. Sociopaths may be unreliable, dishonest, insincere and lack remorse.

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Thomas continues by explaining that a sociopath has poor judgment, is unable to learn from experience, has pathological egocentricity, cannot love others, lacks affection for others and may have made suicide threats that did not come to fruition. A sociopath cannot carry out genuine romantic relationships. Moreover, most relationships with a sociopath are created for an ulterior purpose. His sex life is impersonal because he cannot form emotional attachments with others.

A sociopath can be identified if he compulsively lies, especially about insignificant topics. Lying is a tool for sociopaths to gain control and manipulate people and situations. While it is not always true, a major indicator of a sociopath is a lack of friends. For sociopaths, people are tools; they only have them around when they are of use. Friendships with sociopaths tend to stay superficial and by association only.

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