How Do You Spot an Online Dating Scam?


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You can spot an online dating scam by paying attention to details. For example, a scammer may provide information about himself that does not make sense or use professional profile photos.

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Online dating scammers create false profiles and may rely on information available elsewhere online to develop the profiles. For example, if the profile photo looks professional, it may have been lifted from a modeling website. Another red flag may be a lack of knowledge about the places they say they are from. For example, he may be unfamiliar with a well-known landmark from that place.

Poor grammar can be another red flag. It can indicate that the person is based in a foreign country. Also, if he is never able to meet you, it may be that he is living in another country and running a scam.

Another sign of a dating scam is asking for money. He may also want to interact with you off of the dating site soon after making contact. If someone suggests early on that he would like to interact through email, instant messaging or another means, it can be a clue that this is a scam. A scammer wants to get you off the site, as this lessens the chance that you report the scam to the site once you figure it out. A scammer may provide an excuse, such as his membership is almost up.

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