What Sport Activities Are Safe to Do While Pregnant?


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Some sporting activities that are safe for pregnant women include tennis, swimming and low-impact aerobic exercises. Engaging in simple activities will help maintain the body and alleviate several problems. Typically, a pregnant woman should participate in sports and other exercise activities with caution to avoid any complications during pregnancy, as stated by WebMD.

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Before engaging in any activity, visiting a doctor is necessary to evaluate the best activities to participate in. Swimming and brisk walking are recommended because they have little risk of causing injuries or other problems. Simple activities that do not need greater coordination and balance are the best to opt for, according to WebMD. It is necessary to stretch and warm up before participating in exercises and sport activities.

There are some women suffering from several health conditions who should not engage in any sport activities and exercises while pregnant, including those suffering from diabetes, asthma or heart disease. Exercise may also be damaging to women with pregnancy problems, such as weak cervix, low placenta, recurrent miscarriage and bleeding.

Pregnant women should avoid some activities altogether, such as scuba diving, skating and high-impact aerobics. Talking to a health care provider is essential to identify safe activities to engage in during and after pregnancy.

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