How Do You Do the Splits?


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Before you even attempt to do a split, stretch your hips, quads and hamstrings. If you have limited flexibility during these stretches, focus on improving them before learning how to do a split. Get into position by kneeling and extending one of your legs in front of you. Slowly straighten your back leg, and take time to become accustomed to it before trying to go further into the stretch.

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Push your hips forward, and make sure your knees are lined up with one another to avoid injury. If you feel any pain while performing a split, raise your stretch until you are pain-free and hold it there. Wooden blocks are often used to create a stable base.

Learning how to do a split takes hard work and patience, and the time it takes to achieve your goal depends on flexibility. Use forward bends, lunges, and quad stretches to warm up. To stretch your quads, either bend one knee and grab your ankle while standing, or lie on your stomach, bend your knees and grab both your ankles behind your back. Initially hold your stretches for only 30 seconds to a minute, and increase the time held as you become more experienced.

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