How Do You Splint a Broken Index Finger?


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Make a splint for a broken index finger with a pen or Popsicle stick. Lay the pen or Popsicle stick alongside the finger, wrapping tape around both of them to form the splint, directs WebMD.

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How Do You Splint a Broken Index Finger?
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For a suspected finger fracture, apply a splint after cleaning all related wounds, according to MedlinePlus. Allow the splint to extend past the affected area to prevent movement. Do not move the finger before or after the splint is applied. Check the area for good circulation after applying the splint. If the finger turns pale or numb, the splint may be too tight and must be loosened. Apply ice to the area to alleviate pain and swelling, advises WebMD.

Seek medical care after applying a splint, especially if bones are protruding through the skin or there is a loss of feeling in the finger, according to MedlinePlus. Most people receive an X-ray so that doctors can decide on treatment, notes WebMD. Milder fractures are usually treated with a splint or cast, while more serious finger fractures may require surgery.

Symptoms of a broken index finger include stiffness, swelling and pain; however, these symptoms are easily confused with other injuries to the hand, such as sprains, according to WebMD. Sure signs of finger fractures include deformation or dislocation of the finger.

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