How Is Spindle Cell Sarcoma Treated?

How Is Spindle Cell Sarcoma Treated?

Doctors treat spindle cell sarcoma with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, according to InnovateUs. In some cases, surgeons must amputate the part of the body that the cancer has invaded.

In one study, physicians treated patients with spindle cell sarcoma with the chemotherapy drugs doxorubicin and cisplatin, says the European Journal of Cancer. The median time before the cancer progressed was about 30 months for patients whose cancers were operable and had not traveled to distant sites. Their median survival was 41 months. The median time it took for cancers to progress in the patients whose cancers had already spread was 10 months, and their median survival time was 14 months.

The limbs are the most common sites for spindle cell sarcoma that affects the bones, according to InnovateUs; however, rare spindle cell cancers sometimes occur in the heart, says Thrombosis Management in Practice. These tumors are difficult to treat, and their outlook is poor.

In one case, doctors found a spindle cell sarcoma in a patient's heart, according to Thrombosis Management in Practice. Surgeons removed the tumor and gave the patient an intravenous course of the chemotherapy drugs vincristine, adriamycin and cyclophosphamide. This is called the VAC regimen.

Some people have a genetic disposition toward spindle cell sarcoma, says InnovateUs. Injury or inflammation places these people at greater risk for developing the cancer.