What Is Spindle Cell Sarcoma?


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Spindle cell sarcoma is a type of cancer that occurs in connective and soft tissues, such as the skin, according to SpindleCellSarcoma.info. In some cases, spindle cell sarcoma can also form in bone tissues. When the cells are viewed under a microscope, they are spindle-shaped.

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SpindleCellSarcoma.info explains that this condition initially manifests itself as a small lump that shows signs of inflammation. This inflammation will then gradually develop as the cancer progresses. According to SpindleCellSarcoma.info, during the first stage, this can be easily treated through excision of the tumor and a portion of the healthy tissue. However, for later stages, radiation therapy and chemotherapy might be required to prevent the spread of the cancer to other areas such as the lungs, kidneys, and liver.

SpindleCellSarcoma.info also states that genetic factors as well as injuries and inflammations can lead to this type of cancer. When a person suffers from an injury, the body tries to heal itself through cell division. The extra cells may produce a tumor, but this only becomes malignant if it is affected by cancer. Physicians advise that a biopsy be performed immediately, because early diagnosis and treatment of spindle cell sarcoma can prevent the cancer from worsening and spreading.

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