What Are Some Spider Vein Remedies?


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Spider vein remedies include radiofrequency occlusion, endovenous laser treatment, intense pulsed light and sclerotherapy, WebMD states. Lifestyle changes and wearing support stockings may also be helpful.

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Regular walking, taking good care of the skin and maintaining a healthy weight contribute to treating spider veins, WebMD explains. Support stockings may also be helpful, particularly in cases where the veins are not just a cosmetic problem but cause pain or discomfort. Support stockings are available from surgical supply stores and certain pharmacies.

Many common spider vein treatments are applied in an outpatient setting, WebMD notes. These often consist of using an injection or a surgical instrument to make the vein collapse from the inside. Radiofrequency relies on applying radiofrequency energy to the walls of the vein with a catheter; once the walls are sufficiently heated, the vein collapses and closes.

Similarly, endovenous laser treatment collapses the vein using pulses of laser light from a laser fiber inserted into the vein, WebMD explains. Sclerotherapy closes the vein from the inside using a solution or detergent injected into it. The injection causes the vein to fade away over a total of three to six weeks. Other treatment options, such as intense pulsed light treatments, also destroy the veins but do not require any insertion or injection. However, they typically perform poorly compared to the alternatives.

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