What Are Some Specs for the Medtronic Defibrillator?


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Medtronic's Evera XT Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is 2.51, 2.59 or 2.67 inches in length depending on the model; 2.01 inches wide; and 0.51 inches in depth, as the Medtronic website describes. The defibrillator comes with features including SmartShock Technology 2.0, a PhysioCurve design and OptiVol 2.0 fluid status monitoring. Other features are the defibrillator's Conexus wireless telemetry, PainFREE therapy, Medtronic CareAlert notifications and automatic therapy adjustment. A physician surgically implants the device under the patient's skin.

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Medtronic also offers the Protecta XT DR Implantable Defibrillator, notes the Medtronic website. This defibrillator is 2.52 inches in height, 2.01 inches in length and 0.59 inches in depth. It shares several features in common with the Evera defibrillator, including automatic therapy adjustment, PainFREE therapy, SmartShock Technology 2.0, Conexus wireless telemetry, Optivol fluid status monitoring and Medtronic CareAlert notifications. It comes with managed ventricular pacing technology.

The PhysioCurve design of the Evera defibrillator places 30 percent less pressure on the skin than defibrillators without contoured shapes, according to Medtronic. The SmartShock Technology 2.0 feature allows the company's defibrillators to distinguish lethal arrhythmias from other arrhythmias so that the patient only receives a life-saving shock when necessary. OptiVol 2.0 enables the device to detect fluid buildup, a common issue in heart failure patients, days before symptoms appear, and Conexus wireless telemetry makes it possible for the patient's doctor to check the defibrillator remotely. PainFREE therapy delivers painless antitachycardia pacing pulses in place of a shock when appropriate.

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