Is There a Specific Natural Supplement That Will Treat Glaucoma?


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There is no definitive evidence of a natural supplement for the treatment for glaucoma, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Despite claims that certain natural supplements, like bilberry, can promote overall eye health, they are not effective for the prevention or treatment of glaucoma.

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Is There a Specific Natural Supplement That Will Treat Glaucoma?
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Glaucoma, or characteristic damage to the optic nerve, is a chronic condition that has no cure but may be controlled by a variety of treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. Treatment includes eye drops, oral medication, laser procedures and outpatient surgery, listed consecutively from least to most invasive. The overall goal of treatment is to lower eye pressure and therefore mitigate damage to the optic nerve, thereby preventing progressive vision loss.

According to WebMD, a number of natural supplements have been linked to treating or reducing the symptoms of glaucoma, although most studies have insufficient evidence to prove their safety or effectiveness. Alpha-lipoic acid, berberine, bilberry and citicoline are included in a list of research that, according to WebMD, does not provide sufficient evidence to prove their effectiveness in treating glaucoma. Gingko and marijuana have also been tested and shown to be possibly effective. Nevertheless, due to insufficient evidence, patients diagnosed with glaucoma are urged by the Glaucoma Research Foundation to forgo natural supplements and instead seek proven treatments to avoid further progression of the condition.

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