Is There a Specific Diet That Helps With Psoriasis?


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No specific diet exists for those who suffer from psoriasis, but some people report that making changes in their diets and taking vitamin supplements have alleviated symptoms, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. Psoriasis is a disease with alternating flare-ups and periods of remission, states Mayo Clinic.

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Is There a Specific Diet That Helps With Psoriasis?
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The National Psoriasis Foundation describes three dietary programs that can positively affect psoriasis. A diet designed for weight loss may help reduce symptoms because obesity seems to be linked to developing the disease and with more severe symptoms. Fat cells secrete a protein that triggers inflammation and may enhance the severity of the disease, so losing weight can reduce the effects of psoriasis.

Researchers have found links between psoriasis and celiac disease, states Mayo Clinic and the National Psoriasis Foundation. Psoriasis sufferers have double the risk of having gluten-sensitivity. For those with both conditions, a gluten-free diet can reduce symptoms, but no evidence shows that a gluten-free diet can help those who have psoriasis without celiac disease.

In reviews of studies examining the role of nutritional supplements and their effects on psoriasis, omega-3 fatty acids were discovered to have the most benefit to psoriasis patients, reports the National Psoriasis Foundation. These supplements, taken as fish oil, reduce the severity of the disease because fatty acids reduce inflammation.

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