What Are Some Special Effects Contact Lens Designs?


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Special effects contact lenses come in all sorts of designs such as a cat's eye pattern, orange reptile eye, leopard print or a pointed star design. Other novelty lenses include large black circles, an iron cross or unnatural eye colors such as neon green or bright red.

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Special effects contact lenses range in effects from subtle eye color changes to bright yellow or even leopard print patterns in place of your usual eye color. You can even make your entire eye look pure white with white novelty lenses that mask your iris and pupil. Other novelty contacts feature an assortment of glow-in-the-dark colors, smiley faces, camouflage print or a checkerboard design. Some special-effects contact lenses are even available in larger-than-normal sizes to make your eyes appear more like the eyes of anime characters or dolls. All novelty and special effects contact lenses require a prescription, even if the lenses themselves do not offer any form of vision correction. Since they are classified as medical devices, purchase special effects contacts only from an authorized contact lens retailer to ensure they are sterile and safe. Many stores that sell prescription contact lenses also carry special-effects lenses or can special-order them for you.

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