What Does the Spanish Phrase, "traileres En Venta" Mean in English?

The Spanish phrase, "traileres en venta" means "trailers for sale" in English. The words, "en venta" can also be translated as "on sale" depending on the context of the sentence.

The Spanish word "traileres" is the plural of "trailer," as indicated by the addition of the "es" at the end of the word, and directly translates to "trailers" in English, according to Merriam-Webster. The words "en venta" is commonly translated as "for sale" and comes from the phrase "por vender," which means "for sale." It is also related to the word "oferta" which implies an offer or bargain, but in this case it is assumed that the phrase is relating more to multiple items for sale, rather than a deal, because "en venta" is not preceded with the words "estar a," which would imply the translation, "on sale." Thus, "traileres en venta" can be read as "trailers for sale" in English.