What Are Some South Beach Diet Recipes for Phase One?

The South Beach diet phase one focuses on sources of lean protein and vegetables for two weeks, so chili, stir-fries, stews, salads and omelettes are popular recipes during this phase. Recipes for this phase cannot include bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit or any foods that contain sugar.

The South Beach Diet is a three-phase process that attempts to teach healthy-lifestyle eating choices, such as a lower intake of carbohydrates and exchanging bad fats for healthy ones. In the first two weeks, recipes that mix only vegetables and lean protein sources are options that can be adapted to what the dieter has available.

Variations of chili that incorporate ground turkey, chicken or beef with tomatoes are also recipes that can be adapted based on the consumer's taste. Using different meats and levels of spice allows the dieter to have this easy meal more than once during phase one without becoming bored with it. After cooking it for a few hours in the slow cooker, garnishing it with avocado adds a fresh twist and taste, and it also incorporates more healthy fat into the mix.

Phase one requires that three meals and two snacks are eaten daily. Eggs and other lean proteins work well for breakfast, while salads paired with meats make good light meals. Dairy-based desserts are available for phase one, such as custards with low sugar contents.