What Sort of Problems Can Be Caused by a Mass on Your Bladder?


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A mass on the bladder causes symptoms such as urinary retention or incontinence, according to RSNA. A mass that is cancerous usually causes blood in the urine, notes the American Cancer Society. Other common symptoms such as pain and burning during urination may also occur.

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There are many different types of masses that may occur on the bladder and other extrinsic masses that can protrude into the bladder, which actually mimic a bladder mass, according to RSNA. Extrinsic masses from the prostate, uterus and ovaries may cause issues filling the bladder as normal. A fibromyxoid tumor may result in bleeding, anemia and fever.

Cancerous masses that are in later stages may cause an array of serious side effects, states the American Cancer Society. Some symptoms of advanced bladder cancer are the inability to urinate, swelling in the feet and bone pain. Lower pain in the back, notably on one side, and weight loss may also occur. A decrease in appetite is very common. Symptoms such as urinating more often than normal and feeling the need to urinate when the bladder is not full may be signs of bladder cancer but are often simply signs of an infection or enlarged prostrate.

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