How Do You Soothe an Itchy Skin Rash?


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An itchy skin rash can be soothed by caring for the skin carefully, using oatmeal-based products or applying topical medication, reports Wake Forest Baptist Health. A skin rash that is the result of an allergic reaction may require treatment with antihistamines, either orally or topically.

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How Do You Soothe an Itchy Skin Rash?
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A rash on the skin can be caused by an irritant, an allergic reaction, disease or simple genetics, according to Wake Forest Baptist Health. The type of treatment that best soothes a skin rash is dependent on its cause.

Rashes that are simple skin irritations can often be treated by carefully cleaning the skin with a mild soap, keeping it moisturized and exposed to the air and avoiding strong soaps, detergents and cosmetic lotion, says the University of Maryland Medical Center. If possible, the individual should also avoid scratching, as the process of scratching further breaks the skin and can lead to infection.

A rash that is caused by an allergic reaction to a medication, food, soap or topical cosmetic may require medical intervention if it does not go away on its own, according to WebMD. A health care provider can assess the rash and prescribe an antihistamine or steroid medication to treat the skin rash.

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