How Soon After a Total Knee Replacement Should Rehab Begin?


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Rehabilitation following total knee replacement surgery starts immediately within the first 24 hours, says Healthline. Using the artificial knee is critical for faster healing and to increase the chance of attaining long-term success. A qualified physical therapist sets the patient's daily goals until discharge.

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The rehab and recovery continues after the initial hospital work; it lasts for about 12 weeks. A physical therapist helps set weekly goals, such as being able to walk with an assistive device (cane or crutches) after week three and walking a longer distance without a device from week four through six. After week 12 and provided the patient has been committed and diligent to the rehab, the pain should be gone, and the patient should be enjoying the full use of her new knee, except for high-impact sports, such as basketball and football.

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