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The "Somersize" diet was created by Suzanne Somers, who was an actress starring in the 1970s TV show "Three's Company," and went on to become an exercise guru. The Somersize diet is a low-fat, low-calorie diet that uses the technique of food combining. According to Healthy Living by AZ Central, the National Partnership for Wellness considers it a fad diet.

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As AZ Central points out, the Somersize diet restricts what foods can be eaten together under the belief that doing so aids in weight loss. Level 1 is a 1200-calorie-per-day diet that focuses on weight loss. During Level 1, dieters are only allowed to eat butter, cream, fish, fruit, low-starch vegetables, poultry, steak and whole-grain pasta. Dieters cannot eat carbohydrates with any protein or fat, must always eat vegetables with protein and may not combine fruit with any other food.

Level 2 of the Somersize diet begins after dieters have reached their weight loss goals, states AZ Central. In Phase 2, dieters are allowed to eat soy and to drink alcohol, as well as to eat carbohydrates with fat. Otherwise, they must still follow the rules of Level 1.

According to AZ Central, any weight loss resulting from the Somersize diet is a result of the calorie restriction, not of the rules regarding food combining. Because blood sugar levels are better regulated when carbohydrates and protein are eaten together, some nutritionists consider the Somersize diet to be unhealthy.

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