How Do You Know If Someone Is a True Friend?


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A true friend is someone who offers emotional support without keeping score and encourages meaningful experiences. True friendships are also built on mutual respect and shared memories. People can determine a true friend by the level of honesty in the relationship. A true friend offers honest and sometimes, critical feedback that may be difficult to hear, but information that often needs to be said to better the quality of life for each other.

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True friends share goals, dreams and life experiences with each other, regardless of how embarrassing the information may be at times. Conversations are easy to maintain and do not stray from most topics.

True friends also offer emotional support that encourages the other to accept themselves and others. Friends listen to each other, take the time to offer comfort, and are present during conversations. True friends are alert and aware when their friends are in need and willing to offer full attention. Friendships built on trust offer people an ally when in trouble and a shoulder to lean on when obstacles or challenges occur.

A lasting friendship is one that allows people to not only find ways to comfort each other, but employs strategies to minimize stress for one another to protect emotional well-being.

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