How Do You Find Someone to Sponsor You?


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Choose a person you admire, and conduct interviews to find an appropriate sponsor, notes Clearview Treatment Programs. Additionally, the SponsorFinders website provides a database of eligible AA and NA sponsors.

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If involved in a drug abuse program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, approach someone in the program that you find suitable, advises Clearview Treatment Programs. In most instances, program veterans welcome the opportunity to serve as a sponsor. In addition, conduct interviews with eligible candidates. This approach helps ensure long-term compatibility. Sponsors do not have to share common hobbies or interests. Consider the historical background of a sponsor as well. Sponsors demonstrating a period of sobriety to achieve their goal are often more supportive during the recovery process.

The SponsorFinders database also allows sponsors and newcomers to match. This free, anonymous directory is for both local AA and NA sponsors, reports SponsorFinders. Newcomers can register to begin reading information about eligible sponsors in the area. All sponsors create a profile that lists background, clean time, advice and any other requirements a newcomer requests. Newcomers can search sponsor profiles from any digital device and then send a request to a chosen sponsor. Sponsors then help with the desired approach, such as the 12-step process or another recovery program.

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