How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate?


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You know someone is your soulmate if you sense an inner calm about being in a relationship with him and a feeling in your gut envelopes you because you feel that the person is special. A soulmate challenges you to become a better person who is more authentic in a nurturing relationship.

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Once you find a soulmate, an inner sense of recognition or a voice in your head tells you he is a special person. You feel the connection with him without having to second-guess yourself. The physical attraction in such a relationship is palpable, and tends to last for many years.

If a relationship with someone brings you a sense of inner calm, chances are you’ve found your soulmate. Being with the right person makes you feel comfortable and secure, quashing any worries you may have about offending him. You are free to be yourself and are confident in the other person, knowing that you are both in the relationship for the long haul. Dating experts note that you have an inner sense that the relationship you are in is healthy, full of trust and fulfilling.

Meeting your soulmate does not mean finding the perfect package. However, when life throws curve balls at your relationship, you handle them confidently and pull together with your partner, emerging stronger and remaining authentic. Your soulmate also teaches you difficult life lessons, which might aggravate you at first, but bring out the best in you as they nurture your soul.

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