How Do You Know If Someone Might Be a Psychopath?


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A person may be a psychopath if he is unable to feel guilt or remorse, has disregard for laws and social expectations, is unable to form emotional attachments, and is unable to feel empathy, according to Psychology Today. A psychopath also tends to display violent behavior.

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How Do You Know If Someone Might Be a Psychopath?
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Although psychopaths are unable to feel empathy, they often learn to mimic emotions to display charming personalities and appear normal to the outside viewer, as confirmed by Psychology Today. They have a disregard for the rights of others and are extremely manipulative, and they easily gain the trust of others. Psychopaths often have steady jobs and are well-educated, potentially holding long-term relationships and having families, depending on their ability to manipulate others and mimic emotion. When committing crimes, these individuals are cool and meticulous, planning each detail well in advance.

Psychopaths may seem immune to stress, remaining calm even in difficult circumstances, according to Psychology Today. They may also embrace risk without anxiety, tend to focus only on their own needs and externalize blame onto other people or objects. Other characteristics include persuasiveness and a carefree attitude. Psychopathy is the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders, so individuals should seek help if they believe they may be in contact with a psychopath.

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