Does Someone Have to Go to a Hospital for Hypothermia Treatment?

A person does not have to go to a hospital for hypothermia treatment if rewarming him gradually with blankets and towels in a dry, warm room returns his body temperature to normal, according to MedicineNet. However, someone with severe hypothermia may require hospitalization after receiving treatment immediately in the field.

Anyone suspected of having hypothermia should receive a professional medical evaluation as soon as possible, notes MedicineNet. In mild to moderate cases of hypothermia, the patient 's temperature typically ranges between 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 89.9 degrees Fahrenheit. If there are no other injuries or problems, the warming process without hospitalization can be successful. In severe cases of hypothermia, immediate treatment in the field starts by handling the person gently to prevent irregular heart activity, such as ventricular fibrillation, and then replacing all wet clothing with dry coverings, such as blankets or sleeping bags. Placing warm chemical packs or water bottles on the abdomen, groin and armpits begins the external rewarming process before the patient arrives at the hospital.