How Do You Help Someone Going Through Radiation Therapy?


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In order to help someone who is going through radiation therapy, it is best to support the person undergoing radiation through words of encouragement, ensuring that the person gets enough rest, offering to help with potential skin issues, offering to help with daily physical activities that may prove to be too much and by spending time with the person, reports the American Cancer Society. People may have different needs from their family and friends, depending on the type of radiation that they are receiving, as well as the area where treatment is being performed.

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How Do You Help Someone Going Through Radiation Therapy?
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Sadly, many people who undergo radiation treatment feel depressed when they spend too much time on their own, reports 21st Century Oncology. It is in these moments where the patient has nothing to distract from the side effects of radiation, as well as the unknown threat that their disease brings. To support someone who is undergoing radiation, a person should try to visit the patient on a regular basis at home, as well as plan trips such as going to the museum or going on a shopping spree.

One of the most common symptoms of radiation treatment is fatigue, regardless of whether radiation was given in the stomach, neck, thigh or other area. When patients are feeling tired, it can be difficult for them to perform simple tasks such as doing the laundry or picking up a prescription. The American Cancer Society recommends that friends and family members offer to help as much as is necessary so that the patient does not feel that he or she must do everything.

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