How Do You Know If Someone Is Experiencing Alcohol Poisoning?


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A person experiencing alcohol poisoning may appear to be confused, have a low body temperature or have slow or irregular breathing, according to Mayo Clinic. The person may also begin vomiting or pass out and be unable to be awakened.

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It is not necessary for a person to experience all of the symptoms associated with alcohol poisoning in order to have it, states Mayo Clinic. Anyone who is unconscious and can't be awakened is at the risk of death. The best thing to do if a person is experiencing alcohol poisoning is to seek immediate medical care. In the meantime, it is important to make sure the person suspected of having alcohol poisoning is kept upright. If the individual has to lay down, be sure to turn her head to the side to prevent choking.

If a person is or becomes unconscious, it is necessary to stay with her, as alcohol poisoning affects a person's gag reflex, explains Mayo Clinic. This could mean that the individual suffering from the condition could choke and die on her own vomit. It is also important to not induce vomiting. Treatment usually consists of supportive care while the body filters out all of the alcohol in its system. This could include IV fluids, oxygen therapy, or the use of glucose or vitamins to help prevent serious complications.

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