How Does Someone Contract Hepatitis?


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Hepatitis A is contracted from dirty food or water. Hepatitis B is mostly contracted from the bodily fluids of an infected person, mother to child or from sexual contact with an infected person. Hepatitis C is contracted most often from contact with infected blood, according to WebMD.

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How Does Someone Contract Hepatitis?
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Drug and alcohol use can also cause hepatitis, reports the National Institutes of Health, due to the strain substance abuse puts on the liver. Each type of hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Those most at risk for Hepatitis A live in third world countries with limited access to clean water. Filtering water as much as possible and practicing good hand-washing and hygiene can help reduce the risk of contracting the disease. The chances of contracting hepatitis B and C are reduced by practicing safe sex and never sharing needles.

Not everybody with hepatitis always exhibits symptoms. Some possible symptoms include dark urine, loss of appetite, yellow skin, fever and stomach pain, says WebMD. There is no cure for hepatitis, although sometimes it goes away on its own, and most strains of Hepatitis A can be vaccinated against, according to NIH.Those with hepatitis should be monitored closely by a physician. Hepatitis is highly contagious.

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