How Does Someone Avoid Having RBC/HPF in Their Urine?


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As red blood cells per high power field, or TBC/HPF, are related to kidney infections, other kidney concerns and other renal conditions, it is necessary to treat them to avoid having an RBC/HPF, WebMD and Medline state. For example, if someone has RBCs in their urine because of a urinary tract infection, they may need antibiotics for that infection.

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To prevent RBC/HPF, it is necessary to treat the underlying cause:

  • Someone who has a bladder infection may need to take antibiotics. Preventative measures include drinking lots of water, using condoms during sex and treating the signs of cystitis as they arise.
  • Kidney infections cause blood in the urine, as well as fevers, pain in the area and pain that radiates into the groin. It is necessary to take antibiotics for all kidney infections, and some patients may need them intravenously.
  • Someone who has kidney stones may need to drink lots of water to reduce their presence and to flush them through. In severe cases, surgery is necessary.
  • Some people may suffer from other kidney diseases. Accompanying symptoms include puffiness around the eyes and high blood pressure. Preventative measures vary depending on the condition.
  • Certain medications, like penicillin and heparin, also cause blood in the urine. Individuals taking these medications should speak to their doctor before altering the dose.

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