What Are Some Solutions for Dry Mouth During the Night or Upon Awakening?


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Some solutions for dry mouth at night or upon awakening include avoiding mouthwash with alcohol, stopping tobacco use and drinking water throughout the day, according to Mayo Clinic. Other things to try include using mouthwash specially designed for dry mouth, avoiding antihistamines, breathing through the nose and using a room humidifier while sleeping.

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Saliva is very important to the health of the mouth and teeth, so if a person has a dry mouth, it is important to take steps to remedy it, explains Mayo Clinic. There are a number of things a person can do to prevent dry mouth and improve oral health. For instance, avoiding acidic or sugary foods is important, as these foods may contribute to tooth decay. It is also important to brush the teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride and to talk to a dentist about the possible benefits of using a prescription toothpaste or rinse.

Seeing the dentist twice a year is also important to control dry mouth, states Mayo Clinic. The dentist may have other suggestions on controlling a dry mouth at night. For instance, medications often contribute to dry mouth, so working with a dentist and doctor to switch medications may serve as a solution.

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