What Are Soft Tissue Tumors Called?


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Tumors typically have names based on which tissues surround them, notes the National Cancer Institute. For example, fibromas are benign tumors in fibrous tissue, hemangioma refers to a benign tumor of the blood vessels, and lipomas are benign tumors in fatty tissue. Sarcomas are malignancies: fibrosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and liposarcoma.

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There are different types of soft tissue tumors, and not all of them are cancerous, according to the American Cancer Society. Soft tissue sarcoma develops from soft tissues such as nerves, fat, muscle, fibrous and blood vessels. Benign tumors have broad variations in appearance, and a patient may or may not experience pain, says Cleveland Clinic. Doctors recommend surgery for tumors that cause pain, especially tumors that develop from muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

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