What Are the Best Soft Foods to Eat After Surgery?


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Some of the best soft foods to eat after surgery include rice, pasta, cereals, bread, vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk, minced meat and mashed potatoes. An estimated 51.4 million people underwent some form of inpatient surgery in the United States in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For these people, eating a soft diet can increase the chances of a quick recovery.

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What Are the Best Soft Foods to Eat After Surgery?
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A soft diet consist of foods that are light and easy to chew and digest. In most cases, normal foods can be eaten as long as they are softened by mashing. Minced meat, which is basically normal meat that is ground into finer pieces for easy chewing and digestion, is one option.

Things such as potatoes, bananas and avocados can easily be mashed and are rich in healthy nutrients. Other foods to eat after surgery include noodles, macaroni, peaches, watermelon, baked beans, pudding, custard and vegetables.

These foods are highly recommended for people who have had surgery on their digestive systems. People with dental complications or digestion disorders are also advised to eat a diet of soft foods. Regardless of the foods in a diet, it should always have a healthy balance of all nutrients.

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