Is a Soft Food Diet Recommended After Surgery?


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A soft diet is recommended after certain types of surgeries, such as those involving the stomach, head or neck. Individuals with conditions that affect the teeth or mouth might likewise be required to follow a soft diet, explains Drugs.com.

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Is a Soft Food Diet Recommended After Surgery?
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A soft diet consists of foods that are easily chewed and swallowed. Foods in a soft diet could be chopped, moistened, pureed or mashed. Pieces of food that are more than half an inch in size should be avoided, states Drugs.com.

Poached eggs, moistened bread, cooked or ripe fruits, yogurt, and custard are some of the foods that could be included in a soft diet. People who are under a soft diet should generally avoid dry and hard foods. These foods comprise dry meats, crisp-fried vegetables, breads with tough crusts, raw vegetables and crisp fruits, claims Drugs.com.

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