What Are Some Soft Diet Foods?


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Soft diet foods include items that have a mushy consistency and are easy to chew, such as soup, noodles, applesauce, yogurt and pudding. Doctors may recommend this diet to patients who have certain diseases or dental problems or who are recovering from surgery.

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What Are Some Soft Diet Foods?
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Ingredients can be made into soft foods by cutting large pieces into smaller ones or by blending foods in a food processor or blender. A juicer can also be used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Foods that may be too hard on their own, such as bread, cereal, and crackers, can be made into soft foods by moistening them with jelly or soup. Additionally, cooking fruits in fruit juice or vegetables in broth gives them a softer consistency. Many dairy products are okay to eat on this diet, including yogurt and soft cheeses such as cream cheese and ricotta. People on soft food diets must get enough protein; this can be accomplished by eating eggs, soft pieces of fish, mashed beans, tofu and meat that has been ground or cut in small pieces. Finally, many desserts are available on this diet such as mousse, custard, moist cake, cheesecake without a hard crust and ice cream.

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