How Do Sociopaths Differ From Narcissists?


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Both narcissism and antisocial personality disorder are on the personality disorder spectrum and typically involve arrogance and manipulation. However, narcissistic personalities are not as deceitful, aggressive and impulsive as antisocial personalities, mentions MentalHelp.net. While people with narcissism may seek therapy due to an underlying feeling of degradation, those with antisocial personality disorder are extremely unlikely to do so because they are unaware of what they do.

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Narcissism involves an exaggerated sense of self, a preoccupation with fantasies about success and power, and inflating one's accomplishments, explains Mayo Clinic. Antisocial personality disorder is identified by a disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others, claims MentalHelp.net.

People with antisocial personality disorder, formerly referred to as sociopaths, generally have a disregard for right and wrong marked by a persistent desire to exploit others, states Mayo Clinic. Using intimidation, misrepresentation and dishonesty, people with this disorder frequently violate the rights of others. They often take unnecessary risks and engage in dangerous activities. They are often involved in abusive and dysfunctional relationships.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an expectation to be treated as superior regardless of achievements, according to Mayo Clinic. People with this disorder typically expect special favors and complete compliance from others. They believe that they can only associate with and be understood by equally superior people.

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