What Are Some Sociopathic Traits?


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Egotism, self-esteem gains from power and personal gains, and goals of personal gratification without regard as to whether the achieving them are moral or legal are some traits of a sociopath. Lack of empathy towards others, deceit, coercion and control by dominance and intimidation are also traits, according to About.com.

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Sociopathy, also known as antisocial personality disorder, is a type of mental condition where the person has dysfunctional and destructive ways of thinking, relating to others, and perceiving situations, states Mayo Clinic. A sociopath tends to antagonize and treat others with indifference, may lie and behave violently, and may also have problems with addiction.

Sociopaths tend to be charming and intelligent, unreliable, lack remorse or shame, and fail to follow life plans. They also fail to learn by experience, has poor judgement and insight, and have an incapacity for love, says Psychology Today.

The exact cause of sociopathy is unknown, although it is assumed to be caused by genetic and environmental factors, notes About.com. It sometimes starts in childhood and becomes fully evident between the ages of 20 to 30. Children that show bullying behavior, animal cruelty, extreme episodes of anger and socialization display early signs of sociopathic behavior, according to Mayo Clinic.

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