How Does the Snoring Chinstrap From Walmart Work?

How Does the Snoring Chinstrap From Walmart Work?

A chin strap works by keeping the jaw in a closed and forward position to reduce snoring, according to Walmart sells two brands of chin straps.

Unlike anti-snoring dental appliances worn inside the mouth, chin straps are worn on the outside of the face. They hold up the lower lip and chin during sleep, says Newsmax. Serving to properly align the mouth and jaw, the devices may also reduce dryness associated with mouth breathing.

All chin straps are intended to reduce or eliminate snoring and promote better sleep. notes that during sleep, especially deep non-REM sleep, the body relaxes and muscles effectively shut off. When the tongue and muscles surrounding the upper airway at the back of the throat are soft and floppy, snoring can occur. Chin straps keep the jaw forward, which keeps the tongue from dropping back. As a result, soft tissues stay away from the back of the throat, and prevents snoring.

Chin straps can be made of a combination of neoprene, fabric or elastic and feature a chin cup and straps that go over the head.

Walmart sells the C Pap Chin Strap, made by Easycomforts. The store also sells the Anti Snore Strap from Taylor Gifts. Both chin straps sell for less that $20.