How Does Snake-A-Way Work?


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Snake-A-Way is a snake repellent that works by interfering with the snake's Jacobson's organ, according to Professional Pest Control Products. The active ingredient, which is naphthalene, shuts down a snake's Jacobson's organ with interference that makes the snake retreat.

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Use Snake-A-Way by spreading its granules on the ground, Pest Products reports. It was used in the past to protect the military, states Professional Pest Control Products. The substance has been found to be over 83 percent effective in laboratory testing, so the military used it to protect soldiers from sand vipers and cobras during the Gulf War.

Because the product does not use taste or sound but instead interferes with the way a snake can identify danger or threats, Snake-A-Way is not something snakes can overcome, according to Professional Pest Control Products. Instead, every time they are exposed, they face the same struggle with the Jacobson's organ, making it impossible for the snake's senses to work correctly.

The repellent is said to work at up to 100 percent efficiency against the checkered garter snake, the coral snake and the Eastern hognose snake. Professional Pest Control Products reported a low 21 percent efficiency against the cotton mouth and a 17 percent efficiency rating against the corn or red rat snake, both of which are common in the United States.

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