What Are Some Snacks Under 150 Calories?


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About 2 cups of popcorn, 45 pistachios, a 5.3-ounce container of Chobani mixed berry blended Greek yogurt, and a medium apple with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter are some snacks that have 150 calories or less. A packet of StarKist albacore tuna salad with a long celery stalk provides 110 calories, along with 11 grams of protein, and there are several snacks available in prepackaged 100-calorie servings, including yogurt, chips, cookies and nuts.

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Apple chips, soy and rice crisps, and chips made of vegetables such as sweet potatoes or kale are healthy alternatives to traditional potato chips, and many of these products have less than 150 calories per serving. Recipes for baked cinnamon banana chips with 148 calories and carrot chips with 79 calories per serving are available at PopSugar.com.

PopSugar also offers some satisfying low-calorie snack recipes to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings, including the flat-belly smoothie, which is made with blueberries, pineapples, kale, Greek yogurt and almond butter, and frozen yogurt cupcakes with 150 calories for five cupcakes. Granola bars, dried fruits and oatmeal are other options for sweet snacks under 150 calories, although the number of calories varies depending on ingredients and brands.

Snap peas offer an energy boost, especially when paired with protein-rich hummus. One cup of peas with 3 tablespoons of hummus has 106 calories. Two ounces of baked chickpeas, seasoned with paprika, salt and olive oil, contains 107 calories and is high in fiber and protein. Light cheese wedges, seafood salads and yogurt are other protein-filled snack ideas that may have less than 150 calories.

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